Portrait of Baukje Abma Venema and daughter Alyson Venema

I really enjoy doing portraits of people and children, but I think this was lost in a fire. Luckily I made a record of it. This is a pastel portrait on pastel Canson paper. Alyson is all grown up now.

Baukje has a long and distinguished career as a Special Education teacher, school Principal and specialist in main streaming special education students in Friesland in the Netherlands. Baukje has also been a language teacher.


Pastel and Pastel Pencil – portrait Pals at Buzzle Lake

Pals at Buzzle Lake – Ckatt 2017 A memorial Portrait Labradors

This dog portrait was done as a birthday present for a friend’s brother from their original photo. I was pleased to do this portrait and enjoyed the challenge of the swimming Labradors.

It is a pastel drawing using both pastel chalk and pencil. It was a welcomed surprise for the birthday as both dogs had passed away.

Pastel portrait – Jack and Remington – Rescued Golden Retrievers

I enjoyed making this pastel portrait of these two healthy and happy Labrador retrievers. They were young and wiggly! Their owners had a time keeping them quiet for the photoshoot, but they were very sweet. The portrait made the owners very happy.

Labrador Retrievers are very popular dogs in the Upper Midwest of the USA.