Portraits in the Works – Sascha – Longhaired German Shepherd

Stage 2 Portrait of Sascha – Oil over Acrylic Paint. 2017 CKatt

Dog portraits are fun to do. This one was started with acrylic paint to rough in the painting. This photo of the second stage is where I start to lay in the oil paint color.

Working with a small format canvas has its challenges. One small stroke can change the expression. Sascha has a very serious look. She is a very sweet family dog, who likes nothing better than carrying a stick in her mouth and shaking it back and forth while walking with you on her country road. This painting, from a photo her Mom took of her, reflects her serious side and her dignified bearing of her family’s protector.

Stage 3 Portrait of Sascha – Longhair German Shepherd

The lack of sunlight has made my progress very slow. I like natural light for painting, but I cannot delay any longer. Today I continue to bring out the details in the portrait of Sascha under artificial lights.  Keep on keeping on…

Photo – Landscape – Claude Monet House Giverny France

Notice the comparison height of the plant to a person is fantastic.
White Clematis with Judee – CKatt 2017
Monet’s Garden View for His Water Lily Paintings – CKatt 2017
Monet’s Garden – Looking towards his home – Irisies in May CKatt 2017
Monet’s Garden Closer View of Path and Irises – CKatt 2017
Monet’s House – Shuttered Window with flowers – CKatt 2017
Monet’s Garden – View into the woods along a path CKatt 2017
The house is hidden by the spring garden
Monet’s Home – View from the Garden – CKatt 2017


Monet’s Lily Pond – Giverny France CKatt 2017

A visit to Giverny France and Monet’s house and gardens was a reward that I never imagined would happen for me all those many years ago as an art student.  It was May and the gardens were in full bloom. I was on a small tour with my professor Margot Galt, who is also a poet and writer, with a group from Hamline University.

A tour inside the home revealed a large collection of fine original Japanese prints. The import into the French market of Japanese art greatly influenced the French Impressionists.

Although the day was overcast, the beauty of the gardens was inspiring. Giverny, France was a quiet haven, where I could imagine Monet enjoying a country life.

French art and culture has an influence on my art. To stand where the master Claude Monet stood and painted was a dream come true.


Portraits: Pastel Belgian Draft Horse – Digital Cat – Digital Cavalier Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel © Ckatt 2017


British Shorthair with Orange Tabby © Ckatt 2017
Belgian Draft Horse Dan with Owner Butch © Ckatt 2017

The King Charles Spaniel is a digitally redone photo portrait, which I captured at a dog show last year.

The cat portraits are also digitally enhanced photos.

The British Short Hair Cat belonged to my gracious niece, Sabina, who has helped me with my online venture to share my work. His name was Toenje. A most interesting and aloof creature, who charmed me from the moment we met. He has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

The Belgian Draft Horse is from an original film photograph. This portrait was done in pastel pencil from the photo. I asked the owner for permission to take the photo.

More recently, I have taken to using digital photos for my drawings and paintings.